Tug and Towing

Diverse Fleet
With a fleet of over 20 vessels, Amak Towing can help with everything from pilot/crew transport to tug towing and assist.

Tug and Assist

Tug Services
Amak Towing Company specializes in towing and assist tug services and contracting throughout Alaskan waters.

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Over 65 Years Experience
Amak's highly skilled personnel are the key to providing the best service to each customer's individual needs.


AAmak Towing is tug boat towing and vessel assist company headquartered in Ketchikan, Alaska with services and operations available throughout Alaskan waters. Amak’s large fleet is comprised of a variety of tug boats, crew boats and utility vessels. Each vessel is well-maintained and operated by highly skilled crew members who adhere to the highest safety standards and industry regulations.